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Persea americana - Avocado

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In Winter a delay in delivery may appear because of night temperature! The weight of the plant in kg corresponds with the capacity of the pot in liter. The displayed gross amount may vary depending on the country of delivery due to different sales tax regulations.

If you like to harvest your own Avocado-fruit you will get best results with a grafted plant: the small trees with their large, glossy, bluish green leaves are amazingly modest for a tropical plant. Grafted plants already start producing fruits 2 to 3 years after grafting. The fragrant flowers are small, yellowish-green and form a big panicle. They are self-fertile but sometimes there are differences in ripeness of pollen and pistil, so it may be of advantage to have a second plant. If the flowers are pollinated by insects, it takes 8 to 12 months in our climate until the fruits ripen. These should be harvested as long as they are firm and then be left for after-ripening in the house. This way, the fruits develop a better aroma whereas left on the tree, the ripeness stops naturally. We usually know pear-shaped avocados from the shelves in a shop but the fruits can as well be round or oblong oval. Whatever shape, all fruits have the same green, creamy-soft fruit pulp that is rich in oil (up to 30% of oil) as well as nutricious and very tasty. The dark-green peel is deeply textured to wrinkled.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: worldwide known agricultural crop; fruits rich in oil and with a nutty taste; robust, tropical fruit plant
punkt_gruen.gif Use: all-year in a heated wintergarden or bright room; in pots from April to October outside in a protected spot on balcony, terrace and in the garden

Height2,5 - 3 m
Flowering periodSpring
Color of flowersyellow
FruitsEdible Fruits
FragranceFragrant Flowers
GrowthTree or Shrub
winter temperature15 (+/- 5) °C
Minimum temperature0 °C
Hardiness Zones9


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