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Delonix regia - Flame Tree, Royal Poiniciana, Flamboyant

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Wherever you spend your holidays: you will almost certainly come across this flowering tree that is a globetrotter, attracting attention on Canary Islands as well as in Florida, Egypt or in the Caribbean. Like a see of flames its scarlet to orange flowers surround the tree crown after a dry season. The crown has a broad umbrella-like shape and offers shade on a hot summer’s day. The flowers consist of five scoop-like petals and appear with a tree’s age of 6-8 years. At young age, the leaves are 20-40 cm long. Later, they grow up to 50 cm long dark green leaves, consisting of up to 1000 round pinnate leaves. The seed pods are up to 40 cm long and also very eye-catching. By the way: the flame tree (also known as Royal Poinicina or Flamboyant) was discovered relatively late: 1860 it was found by dutch botanist Wenceslaus Bojer at the coast of Madagascar.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: plenty of magnificent & bright red flowers; world-wide well-regarded flower tree; provides shade with its pinnate leaves
punkt_gruen.gif Verwendung: all year in a heated greenhouse or outside during summer from June to the end of August

Heightmehr als 5 m
Flowering periodSummer
Color of flowersred
winter temperature20 (+/- 5) °C
Minimum temperature3 °C
Hardiness Zones10


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