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Hibiscus schizopetalus - Coral Hibiscus, Skeleton Hibiscus, Chinese Latern

In Winter a delay in delivery may appear because of night temperature! The weight of the plant in kg corresponds with the capacity of the pot in liter. The displayed gross amount may vary depending on the country of delivery due to different sales tax regulations.

The flowers of this Hibisdus variety are so amazingly bizarre that at first sight it is hardly possible to recognize the relationship to Hibiscus. The pink flowers have a tattered look and are bent backward to the blossom peduncle so that the flower’s pistil and stamina are exposed, making them a favoured runway for butterflies. Even very young Coral Hibiscus blossom all summer long, provided the necessary warmth during day- and night-time. Outdoors it usually blossoms from July/ August, in a wintergarden it starts earlier. If placed outside, a wind-protected, sunny and warm place guarantees good bloom. With its strung-out, upright growth habit and its bent shoot-tips the Coral Hibiscus differs from the Hibiscus/ Chinese Rose. The extraordinary flowers not only grow at the shoots’ tip but also from the leaf axils. In a winter garden, this makes the Coral Hibiscus an elegant solitary plant that can well be combined with groundcover plants.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: extraordinarily shaped flowers; even young plants bloom; attracts butterflies
punkt_gruen.gif Use: in pots from May outside on balcony, terrace and in the garden; all-year in a heated greenhouse or bright room

Height1,5 - 2 m
Flowering periodConstantly blooming
Color of flowersRed
winter temperature15 (+/- 5) °C
Minimum temperature0 °C
Hardiness Zones10


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