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Theobroma cacao - Chocolate Tree, Cacao

In Winter a delay in delivery may appear because of night temperature! The weight of the plant in kg corresponds with the capacity of the pot in liter. The displayed gross amount may vary depending on the country of delivery due to different sales tax regulations.

Every child loves cacao either as a drink or as chocolate. Having a Cacao Tree at home is a great experience for young and old, especially because the young leaves of this tropical plant are red-orange-coloured. The branches of Chocolate Trees are arranged in tiers. Cacao grows slowly and in our country rarely higher than 2-3 m. Its white flowers, too, are something special: they grow directly from the trunk (Cauliflory) just as its up to 30 cm long cacao-fruits whose peel is reddish brown when ripe. They contain the seeds that are called cacao- beans. They are fermented, dried, roasted, ground and are sold as cacao powder. Depending on winter temperature, the leaves are to a great extend evergreen. They are soft and as a young shoot red, later they change colour to light green and finally dark green. Chocolate Trees are notedly tropical plants that nowadays are primarily cultivated in South America. The humidity should constantly be above 70 % and temperature should not drop under +15 °C for a longer period, otherwise the leaves will get brown tips or edges.

punkt_gruen.gifQuality:worldwide known agricultural plant (Chocolate Tree); small and slowly growing; attractive red shoots of leaves
punkt_gruen.gif Use: all-year in a heated greenhouse or bright room

Height2,5 - 3 m
Flowering periodSummer
Color of flowerswhite
FruitsUseful Plant
winter temperature20 (±5)°C
Minimum temperature3 °C
Hardiness Zones10


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