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Coffea arabica - Coffee

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In Winter a delay in delivery may appear because of night temperature! The weight of the plant in kg corresponds with the capacity of the pot in liter. The displayed gross amount may vary depending on the country of delivery due to different sales tax regulations.

Almost anybody knows coffee beans but not the plants on which they grow. It is a compact shrub with glossy dark green, thin leaves. Coffee is a easy-care plant and prefers a shady, permanently warm spot in a bright living room or a wintergarden. As it grows older, coffee produces more and more of its white, fragrant flowers (3-4 cm in diameter) that are followed by small, fire-red fruits each containing two of those much-loved coffee beans. Dried and rosted they become the basis for the enjoyment of coffee all over the world. Coffee plants require a permanently moderate soil and a warm place (min. 15 °C), however, no direct sunlight: this would burn the leaves.

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: worldwide popular agricultural plant; fragrant flowers; red fruits with coffee beans; compact growth; evergreen
punkt_gruen.gif Use: in pots from May outside - with some reservations - in a protected place on balcony & terrace; all-year in a heated greenhouse or bright room

Height1,5 - 2 m
Flowering periodSummer
Color of flowerswhite
FruitsEdible Fruits
FragranceFragrant Flowers
winter temperature20 (+/- 5) °C
Minimum temperature3 °C
Hardiness Zones10


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