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Pyrus pyrifolia var. culta - Nashi Tree

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Dont’t be confused by the unusual, Chinese name Nashi (Pyrus pyrifolia var. culta): translated it just means ‘pear’ and that is why it is also called Asian Pear. Another name, apple pear, originates from the round, apple-sized fruits. These have a grainy, crisp and white fruit pulp that tastes juicy, sweet and refreshing at the same time- better than any pear or apple altogether. The fruits will stay fresh for weeks in a refrigerator and also look very pretty: the peel changes its colour to copper- or gold-coloured when ripened and is covered with many small, almost glittering dots (lenticels). Nashi already bears fruits in early years and is a winter hardy plant suitable for the garden. They can easily manage sunny as well as half-shady situations as long as the soil provides a certain basic moisture also in summer (otherwise watering is necessary). The white flowers are self-fertile and one plant is sufficient for an annual harvest. However, the amount and size of fruits can be increased with a second variety.

‘Hosui’: abundant blossom, vigorous growth, fruits are medium-sized with intense taste, very sweet and juicy; golden peel
‘Kosui’: rich in medium-sized fruits of very high quality; forms together with ‘Hosui’ a very good couple for mutual pollination
‘Nijisseiki’: excellent variety for fruits and pollination, vigorous growth

punkt_gruen.gif Quality: chinese fruits from own harvest; fruits are real delicacies with excellent look; abundant & white & decorative flowers in spring; very hardy
punkt_gruen.gif Use: planted in the garden; in pots from March/ April to November outside on balcony, terrace and in the garden

Height4 - 5 m
OriginAsia (mediterranean)
Flowering periodSpring
Color of flowerswhite
FruitsEdible Fruits
winter temperaturehardy
Minimum temperature-20 °C
Hardiness Zones6


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