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What makes the difference in plant quality of FLORA TOSKANA in comparison to other dealers? In the following you'll find a bunch of good arguments, what distinguishes us from ebay-sellers und part-time-gardeners:

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      All plants of FLORA TOSKANA are multiannual, we don't offer young seedlings or barely rooted cuttings.

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      IN POTS

      All plants are delivered in pots, e.g. in black or orange plastic-containers (only big trees may be delivered in bale). The product-specification " 3 l", "7 l", "12 l" etc. in our Online-Shop is related to the content / capacity of the pots in liters (l).

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      The product-specification of e.g. "80/100 cm" refers to the plain height of the PLANT, not including the pot. The specification concerns the average plant height of the articel. By time, season and care, the height can vary slightly. In late summer and autumn the plants may be higher than declared.

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      Thanks to the care by Flora Toskana, the plants get acclimatised to the climate north of the Alpes, where the intensity of the sun and the temperatures differ from the plants origins.

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    The majority of our fruit plants is grafted or grown from dibbles to guarantee best harvest and taste quality.

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    The pure height of a plant can be foolish (e.g. by cutting activities), the circumference of a stem not, because it reflects the real age of a plant. Therefore we state the circumference of the trunk in 1 m height: StU. Please note, that it's the circumference, not the radius or diameter.

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    The weight of our plants varies in big scale: wet pots are heavier than dry earth e.g. Therefore no definite or general indications of weight per article are possible. As a rough idea, one can calculate with 1 kg weight per liter pot-content, e.g. for a plant in a seven liters pot seven kilogramms.

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    To give our clients an idea of the offered plants, you'll find every article accompanied by a bundle of fotos. Thes pictures are examples of the species and do not show the indivual, the client will be sent.


FLORA TOSKANA does not work on a bio-basis like Demeter, but we take care, where ever it's possible to relieve our all environment. E.g. we don't use chemicals preventive, but only, if necessary and preferably mild agents like oils or alcohol against insects.

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    A reservoir, that impounds 1 billion liters of rain water on the premises of FLORA TOSKANA gathers all precepetation from the glasshouse roof. The natural amount of rain water (and snow melt) is sufficient to water all plants all year round. We don't use ground-water or drinking water.

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    We don't use hormons (e.g. for growth reduction or early flowers) to influence the habit of the plants. Instead we prune them by handwork.

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    The potting area of FLORA TOSKANA shows, that we use the best soil for exotic plants (you can order it in our shop for private use). The sizes of our pots and plants are so diverging, that a potting machine would not work, we do it all by hand.

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    FLORA TOSKANA is all, but not a merchant or trader, who buys its stock one day and sells it the next. We keep our plants for a long time, sometimes for many years before they change their owner.