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FLORA TOSKANA ships plants since 1998 Pflanzen by postal mail service (packages) and by hauler. The decades long experience results in well engineered and proofed packaging techniques.

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    Due to mature packaging methods of FLORA TOSKANA, the plants don't suffer from damage during transportation, even if the package is handled upside down.

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    Before shipment all plants get thoroughly watered, the pots are packed waterproofed. Therefore even over 10 days of shipment-duration cant harm the plants and FLORA TOSKANA sends all over Europe, to all european islands and to eastern countries.

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    During cold weather periods the packaging-team of Flora Toskana only starts shipment, as long as the temperatures are suitable for the individual plant species. Depending on the weather, the packing stops during winter.

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    We regard your delivery-timeline, e.g. for presents or during holidays, as far as possible.

SHIPMENT BY PACKAGE (within Germany)

The duration of shipment normally is one to three days within Germany, depending on the distance or exceptions like islands. Every client gets a note via Email from FLORA TOSKANA the same day, his parcel leaves the premises. The transportation of the parcel and the final delivery is implemented by DPD. FLORA TOSKANA has no influence on DPD internals. If you order contains more than one item (plant), we send all in one, if nothing else is fixed individually with the client. Therefore the time of delivery depends on the item with the longest delivery period.

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    Our cardboard boxes are sturdy and comparably huge. They are planned to be recycled in the paper recycle bin. The bamboo-sticks can be used as plant guards e.g. for climbers.

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    Despite the dimension of the parcels, the shipping costs stay the same at FLORA TOSKANA since many years. The flat rate for shipment counts on the order, not regarding how many plants the order contains.

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    Everybody has his experiences with shipment-providers like DHL, DPD, GLS, UPS and many more. We trust in DPD since more than 15 years and have comparatively the best experiences with this company. DPD informs you via Email about the status of your individual package.

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    The duration of shipment is normally 2-7 days. Orders, that encompass more than one parcel, are normally delivered all in one day. Seldom, but potential, packages of the same order arrive on different days. Please wait until the shipment is complete, before you contact us.


Hauling living plants is not an easy deal, but we are successful since a long time. The success depends on FLORA TOSKANA, that we do a good job, and on the client. Please mention a telephone number or Email you take notice of frequently (and which is correct!) in case, there questions on the hauling. Make the delivery possible, even if the time is not exactly the one you have wished to be. Hauling plants cant be "on the minute". The delivery is up to kerbside, it does not include moving the plants where you'd like to have them.

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    Plants, that are heavier than 30 Kilogramm or higher than 200 cm are shipped by a hauling company, e.g. Gerstlauer, on One-Way-Palett or Euro-Palett (here please keep hold one for exchange on hand).

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    Each order by hauling is packed indivually, a time-intensive and difficult work to protect all branches and trunks.

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    The shipment costs by hauling company are dependant on the weight and volume of the plants and of the distance. Our Online-Shop calculates the total shipment costs individually for your order BEFORE you press the "buy"-button.

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    The hauling company is instructed to contact you (Avis) to coordinate the final delivery. The shipment-duration within germany is normally between two and seven days. The delivery is free to kerbside.


FLORA TOSKANA has delivered plants to all european countries and many eastern states, including islands like Mallorca or Azoren. The shipment to Austria is daily business.

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    Our packaging method is suitable for international shipment: approved and safe. Parcels we ship by DPD, seldom by DHL, bigger plants by hauler (e.g. Gerstlauer).

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    The shipment costs depend on the weight of the plants and parcel. The Onlineshop of FLORA TOSKANA calculates the costs, after you put in your Adress, but before you press the "buy"-button. Therefore the shipment are transparent and noted before the final order.

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    For greater orders abroad, please give us a few more days in advance to organize the shipment, which is not daily to e.g. France, Spain or eastern countries.

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    Because the hauling company coordinates all delivery dates, FLORA TOSKANA can only provide you with approximate data. The hauler is adviced to contact each client (Avis) before driving up to your address.